La Cigale

La musique est un médicament pour l'âme
Music is medicine for the soul

Fist-frosted nights
fire-lit back lights
burning like lovers
a hot town alley ride

Spark of melancoly planet
bound to have it, the 
musical grifters, gifting
cherry cobblers of sound
bending the ears and souls of sorrowful
joes back to shades of shapes unbound 

House lights dim
crowd humming crowd hymns

Scarlet Indigo
Neffertiti flood lights sweep, on
Band's hot
roaring like sex-thirsty long celibate lions in Daniel's
opium-bliss den

Charlie and the Char de Poules
poodle news
zapping jeweled eyes
jugglers waking midnight crows
night is wide

Burgundy pan fried faces
turbo-charged graces
passing floor to stage

Masked dancers 
soul burning yearning churn
big top, big part
of who we've become

The Show Must Go On

Poem Michael D. Amitin,
Photograph Julie Peiffer