Dylan has Blue Eyes

Dylan has Blue Eyes

blue as acid rain skies above the iron mines

he stole away in the steel toe, snowy night


tangled up in winter howl New York

blue parade - watchman cries like a wayward stork

collapsing in post-war wharfs of solitude 

its all over now

JFK bullets signed, sealed delivered

Dylan’d just arrived in town 


escorting Jane thru after hour dark sour alley ways

creak-eyed ragtime forgotten stairs,,

making love till daybreak in lonely whistlestop shadows  

below the seedy swept windowpanes-

Cinderella sweeps up night's sad confetti

Jane deep blue morning

he's hopped a passing train

to the next crumbling town


hurling knaves to the boiler pot

at the grave of Jack he tipped his plot


Dylan has blue eyes

seen Hurricane Carter do blaspemous time,, 

Emmett Till dug up from the southern soup brine,

Hatie Caroll, the deluge feral- bombers flying grease oil nights,

innocence chained in a Texas two-step charade

angels crying star spangled tears


She hears the tracks rumble

left behind on anxious street, 

she awakens, lifts her finger to the wind

knows what direction he’s in, far from this

bluelight dream hotel

Poem Michael D. Amitin,
Photograph Julie Peiffer