Bel canto rooftop blues


His ragtime wings polished 

with storytellers gold

little mudhen king holding roads

a green-lit train to nowhere


dream powders sway down

barriers of clay

sweet little boy yonder

spills a drop of wine in a burning sea


plaid shadow elves 

looking glass held

strange dark kisses, saint rider missions

dishing spuds

far from the eternal starlight


rolling jellyfish dice, the 

licorice carved jazz soul

a song foretold

hot toddy dark winds 


and we lay with our dew drop sins

on a sullen rooftop

waiting for sunlove to break


cant sleep anymore

these moving shores

barber dancing over death hair swamps

magic ride and I forget

just feed the spiral spinning worm, watch the jukebox of words turn and bow to the holy seas

Poem Michael D. Amitin,
Photograph Julie Peiffer