All in a Dream

She re-emerges in black river surges
She exists right here
starlight in shadows

seams stream from her warm house veins
a flotilla of valentine boats carry her to a forgotten dream 

far above the suction, conformity’s magnetic disruption 
freight baggage porters riff drifting fog 
dream police nod inside sleepy-eyed teardrop balls
pianos tinkling rebirth waves of sweet mangohood 

she arrives, satin doll slow
hips swinging night down-low 
wild green-eye watery hues, she shoots jeep blue sparks
ageless storm cradles rock in the fire candle night

dark infinity whispers 
her flash-tint eyebrows 
shades of burgundy sway and twist
at the piercing of starlight’s ripple

and shawls of naked nipple floating erotica pool nights 
softly milky volcanoes sweet cream lava
nursing every universe ever known

sea nymphs flooding goose beer taverns of eternity
Chet’s languid legato horn penetrating the tangled scorn
smokewords rising cool steamy photos
this is something.......

she drops hints of her secret
pale orange flesh beaming in rain-caked winter cafe windows 
Baltazar’s specter hiding sleek corner rains
wines with tainted-cork refrains

her deep earth verse 
I stashed Mingus in her runaway purse 
moaning clouds of velvet,
pearl flame in the grace of a night chateau 
moonbirds swinging
sweet song unknown.
coffee camels stroll dark star sands
three quarter moon baked bones
soldered to the let me down

master buddha steed hauling headless soldiers 
tthrough the indigo gravel sing-sing

she hands teaspoon sketches
watery vestal virgin-sad eyes
carved in faraway nights.

in a dream she lives
nothing can be done

Poem Michael D. Amitin,
Photograph Julie Peiffer